Friends of the Lady of the Mountain - Program Children's Home of Hope - Anjara, Jordan

This home hosts disadvantaged children who live under difficult circumstances and it is part of the Latin Patriarchate. It houses children in three sections: a section for children 7 years or younger, and two separate sections for boys and girls. And they attend the Latin Patriarchate schools, before moving on to public universities.

A committee made up of women volunteers under the umbrella of the Christian Hope Office was formed to carry out the following tasks:

  • Support the residence’s priests and nuns who are caring for the children.
  • Secure basic supplies and other needs on a monthly basis to ensure children have a normal standard of living.
  • Contribute to the children’s education and upbringing in accordance with Christian principles and values.
  • Strengthen the children’s social and community network and reinforce their sense of belonging through field trips, events, and activities with their local community.
  • Safeguard the children’s health, education and discipline by tapping into and leveraging their own personal networks and experience.
  • Nurture a spirit of love and care among children and strengthen their affiliation with the church and the community.
  • Cultivate strong national feelings and pride among the children through participation in community activities.
  • Keeping a financial account within a transparent system governed by checking and auditing that would satisfy the donors’ requests and requisites. Periodic reports are provided detailing expenditures of achieved adopted projects and activities.