“Blessed to be “ Toubakoum Program

This program is based on the spirit of giving and caring for the needy. It embodies the message of our Lord Jesus Christ to look after one another especially those in need to enable them to live in dignity.
Decent shelter is something we all need to thrive. Toubakom believes a decent, affordable home helps people to create a better life for themselves and their families.

Tobakoum goals

  • Help rehabilitate, maintain and furnish the houses of the needy and poor in order to provide them with a healthy and secure home environment.
  • Link between all entities that support poor families, by providing and contributing material and personnel to ensure urgent and quick access to these homes
  • Coordinate with social, health, psychological, legal and spiritual bodies to ensure that these families are given all the support they need.

The Needs

Due to the high poverty rate in Jordan resulted from political and economic situation, it increased the number of underprivileged families who are living in insecure, unsafe and unhealthy houses.
As a result many families are living in a critical environment with the below factors.

  • Safety: Insecure housing due to the lack of maintenance for a long period of time resulting in unsafe living environment.
  • Privacy: Low quality living standards results in creating tense and difficult conditions amongst family members.
  • Hygiene: Inadequate basic standards of cleanliness and general
    Hygienic Environment.
  • Food Safety: The overall lack of proper food storage cabinets resulting inadequate food safety standards.
  • Health: Unsanitary toilet facilities contributing to the spread of diseases.

Management Structure

The Toubakom program management structure consists of an executive board, committees and an executive team which leads the project management and execution. This structure works under Al Rajaa Christian Hope office board which is part of the Catholic church in Jordan.

Program's Targeted Group

The “Blessed Be You” Program targets disadvantaged Christian families with limited means, including Jordanian and Palestinian nationals as well as Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the country.

Tobakoum sustainability

The Toubakom project relies solely on local and international donors. One way to ensure the continuous flow of donations is through active fundraising programs.
Donations can be in cash or in-kind through contributions that are imperative to our mission. Donations can also include construction, sanitary & building materials, tiles, furniture, as well as home appliances. It also include services such as training, legal counseling and medical assistance.